Pictures from the 2009 Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma

                    2009 BareBones Film Festival Poster                                       My 3rd. Place Award

                                     Acceptance speech

                       Reception at the new Three Rivers Marina                                                     Three Rivers Marina on the Arkansas River

                                   Okie from Muskogee Trolley                                                                               Stars, Cars and Guitars Show

                         Honor Park Carriage Ride                                           The Historic Roxy Theater at night

                                  Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame                                                                           Five Civilized Tribes Museum

                       Five Civilized Tribes Historical Monument                                                                       Monument and Wash Tub

                                                                      Signs outside the Five Civilized Tribes Museum

                              Ataloa Lodge (front and back) on the campus of historical Bacone College (oldest Indian college in America)

          Festival attendees waiting in line to watch one of the movies                                                     Script readings by actors

                                               Producers Panel                                                                                                        Actors Panel

                                               Front and back cover of Jerry Maren's autobiography

    Jerry received the Lifetime Achievement Award for acting in The Wizard of Oz, Planet of the Apes, and numerous other movies and TV shows.

                                                              Jerry (age 89) and his wife, Elizabeth

                                         Horror Film and MTV star Randal Malone also received a Lifetime Achievement Award

             Oklahoma actress and author Patty McCall (was a nurse in Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" movie)

  Patty and Muskogee mayor John T. Hammons, the youngest mayor in America at age 20.                 Me with the mayor and producer/director Oscar Ray

                Oklahoma actress/singer/producer Janet Mayson                                                       Texas writer/producer Bryon Evans

                                              Award Photo Shoot                                                                                               Fellow winners

              Janet Mayson singing at awards gala                               Russian ballerina (wife of a producer)

                                                                                                                                                             After-awards party at Max's Garage

   Festival orgainzers ShIron Butterfly (red dress) and husband Oscar Ray dancing with producer Ford Austin and actress/producer Patty McCall                               

                   Mayor dancing with Patty McCall and Tim McGraw                                              ShIron and Oscar with a Bare Bones cake

Superman and Wonderwoman

(Oscar is wearing one of my "Stairway to Heaven" t-shirts)

Click here to hear Superman sing