Pictures from the 2008 Bare Bones International Film Festival
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Ataloa Lodge fireplace at Bacone Indian College with stones from every state in the union / Carrie Underwood sign on I-40

My wife paying her last respects to Elvis / The federal jail and courthouse at Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Cross-section of the jail at Ft. Smith / A typical cell with steel bunks

My wife in "Hanging" Judge Parker's courtroom / Portrait of Judge Parker in his younger days

Plaque about outlaw Cherokee Bill / and a piece of the rope used to hang him, at the Ft. Smith jail

The gallows at Ft. Smith, Arkansas

My wife at the Ft. Smith gallows / The trap door through which 79 men dropped, including Cherokee Bill

"Miss Laura's" Brothel / formerly run by Pearl Starr

"Crazy Snake" (Chitto Harjo) / and his burial site

The McGill Brothers / Judge Parker

Deputy U.S. Marshals / U.S. Marshal George Crump and his Jailers

Prisoners on the steps of the courthouse / Grandpa, Grandma and kids at their Brush Hill house

Grandpa, Grandma and more kids at their Pierce, Oklahoma house / Logo and title of my screenplay

Sam Elliott and producer Oscar Ray